Destini (bldy_destini) wrote,

So...having the dog here living with us is going really well. He is already looking better and seems to be happier after only a week. I am sure he is going to dig it next month when we pick up the new minivan and take him camping. Now if we could only find a place to store the boat we would be laughing and life would be great.

Took a nice long walk today alone Dallas Rd. with S and Ed (the dog). He got lots of attention and seemed to have a ton of fun. He is sleeping like a baby now and we have finished dinner and are getting ready to watch the Emmy awards. I can't wait. I am sure I will have plenty to say tomorrow after the awards.

I am glad I am finally using this journal...up till now I have been using it mostly to deal with my femslash addition. "Hi, my name is Destini and I have a problem..."

So I am heading off to get the chocolate ice cream ready and watch te awards. Downloading some Within Temptation to listen to on the long weekend camping.
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