Destini (bldy_destini) wrote,

Survivor...Rock Star and urine in hardwood... I watched Survivor last night. We were all sitting here and wondering why this is so controversial? While we were watching it we were cracking up. Most of the stereotyping was done by each team to themselves and I think this is going to turn interesting very quickly. I was not surprised to see one of the guys on that team voted out last night after the decision making by just the men thing happened. What did they expect after just jumping out there and not consulting the women when the women ALREADY out number them?!?!? always seems to me that contestants on this show have NEVER watched a previous season.

Rock Star: Supernova (although they lost that name so are now Rock star: Have no name)...I feel cheated. If they decided early on that Lukass was going to win, though why is beyond me, then why keep us all watching and voting? Why not just step up to the plate and admit it and move on? And for the love of all that is good and right...why put Dilana through the hell of the bitch edit like that?!?!?!? If a woman has no chance on this show and if the choices are going to be made within the first 2 weeks...hy should we watch it? I am not sure I can be strung along for another season as we all know now that INXS made their decision early to. What a lie and manipulation!

On a house cleaning note...our dog had an accident in the bathroom last week. I cleaned it up right away but now there is a bit of a smell. Does anyone know how to get urine smell out of hardwood?
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