Destini (bldy_destini) wrote,

It is such a good time to be a Democrat! As an American who lives outside the country, but who still votes in every election, I was thrilled to see my party take back control of our country. It was great to watch the Daily Show and CNN, it made me very happy. It was also great to watch my future President run to a landslide victory in New York.

After all that I am about to bubble over with the excitment that getting to see Bill Clinton speak tomorrow brings. I was stunned to find out he was coming to little Victoria, BC when they announced it those many months ago and I will forever love my wife just a little but more for getting us tickets. It is an early event, happening at 12:30 in the afternoon, but we are going to make a day of it and have date night after as well. I can't wait. I wonder if he will be signing copies of his book...I am guessing no...but it doesn't matter....

I am off now to do the shopping and dinner thing before my fav shows come on tonight! Speaking of fav that any way for the writers of Lost to leave us?!?!?
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