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Posting my first LJ fic.

I decided to post my new fan fic here. I have yet to post any to this journal. I mostly have used this to read fan fic but it is time that I expended a little more effort and now that my writer's block is over I guess I have a reason.

This story is born out of my frustration with the current state of All My Children in general and Bianca (BAM) in particular. I do not like that they made Maggie a cheater, I don't like Bianca turning into a giggling 13 year old over Zarfoe, I don't like that they wasted Liz for the majority of her three week stint on the show and I really don't like that Bianca has seemingly forgotten about Maggie. I guess I should be glad that the break-up and subsequent on screen destruction on Bianca has provided my fan fic muse with the kick in the butt it needed but...meh.

This story is about Maggie and Greenlee. I have no idea how it will end or if BAM will end up even being friends in it. I just know I needed to write this to work through my disappointment. Plus, I miss original Greenlee. 

Title: Weak in the Knees
Rating: PG to NC-17
Pairing: Maggie/Greenlee, poss BAM 
Timeline: 7-8 months in the future
Summary: Maggie is trying to put herself back together in Paris with the help of someone surprising. What happens when they head home to Pine Valley for the holidays?
Feedback: Constructive criticism and positive feedback always welcome and appreciated.
Distribution: I don't care as long as you ask first and let me know where
Disclaimer: All AMC Characters belong to ABC/AMC/Disney

Author’s Notes: This is not the first time I have tried to write a BAM story but it is certainly the first time I am writing a Maggiecentric fic. I have no idea if this story will end in BAM or not. I don't like Bianca much so I am guessing that even if it does it won't be for a good long time. she needs to suffer a lot first. Thanks to Tina for being a sounding board and to both Tina and Vdubb for encouraging me to write and post this story. It seems that it is going to be a long one. For the purposes of this story Greenlee is Rebecca Budig and she is not returning to Pine Valley this week but Bianca is leaving at the same time. I can only hope that the new Greenlee doesn't ruin this. Quite a bit of this story will be told in flashback to flesh out the history given where it starts. Please feed the writer...positive feedback appreciated. Thoughts are in italics.

This story will vary from PG to NC-17.

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of All My Children/ABC/Disney and are used for entertainment purposes only. If they were mine the show would be much different.

On with the story...

Weak in the Knees
Chapter 1

Paris, France
November, 2007

'Golden Couple Heads Home to Roost for Turkey Day’

The headline called her like a flashing neon sign. All the papers at this newsstand and of course her eyes are drawn to that one. Look at the size of that picture. She would have seen it even if Gerard had not saved her a copy. He was a wise old man with kind eyes and he handed her the paper with a wink and a sympathetic, knowing pat on her hand. God, he reminds me so much of Myrtle. The attractive brunette sat down the coffee tray and pastry bags in order to pay for the trashy tabloid. She is going to love this. After paying Gerard and leaving him a with a kiss on the cheek and a Mogador*, she started making her way home in the bright sunshine of what had been a perfect Paris morning. Home She frowned, as she weaved her way a few blocks down the street.

Stepping off the elevator the petite woman had her coffee tray in one hand while she stood on one foot, paper in her mouth, pastry bags on her knee, so she could free a hand to unlock and nudge open the door. Balancing her haul once again she walked into the large, warm penthouse. Not for the first time marvelling at how much she liked it here, how much like a home it felt.

“Humy eyum ooowwmmm,” she chuckled as she stepped up the steps to the main landing and tried to make it to the kitchen without dropping anything.

“Hey shortstuff, that’s quite a load. Need some help?”

The look from the petite woman with the paper in her mouth spoke volumes, so she quickly stepped forward taking the tray and pastry bags from the younger woman and putting them on the table. Before she even had the chance to turn around and thank her companion for bringing breakfast home from her run, the paper landed on the table with an audible thwack.

“Can you believe this shit?”, Maggie asked, “look at the size of that picture!”

Under the awful headline, top of the fold, was a huge picture of Bianca with Zoë. Still looks like Zarf to me but what do I know, Greenlee thought.

“Dad said he didn’t know if they were coming or not. I guess this answers that question.” with a heavy sigh she turned to look at the obviously distressed woman. “I’m sorry, Mags.”

Maggie just stood there, lost in thought, uncertainty etched across her beautiful features. Greenlee wondered for the millionth time how Bianca could walk away from this stunnding woman. How she could hurt her. It made Greenlee want to hurt Bianca. Her step-sister. Complicated much?

“You know, we don’t have to go. I can call my dad, he would understand. We can have a quiet Thanksgiving right here, just the two of us.” Greenlee tried to reassure the brunette, laying her hand gently on Maggie‘s cheek. "You know Thanksgiving in Pine Valley is going to be anything but quiet."

“As good as that sounds it isn’t fair. It’s been so long since you’ve been home and I know how much you miss your dad. Not to mention the other things you’re anxious to put in motion.” She leaned into Greenlee’s touch slightly then said with a dejected sigh, “but…”

“I don’t like the sound of that but…”

Maggie took a step back and walked to the window. Looking out over their quaint Paris neighbourhood she thought back to how simple this decision was just a few short hours ago. Wrapping her arms around herself she suddenly felt cold. So cold.

“You can leave me here. I know I said I was ready, but what if I’m not, Greenlee? What if I’m not?” After a long pause she said, “you should go without me, no reason for you to suffer because I’m a coward.”

Stepping closer to the young doctor, Greenlee wrapped her arms around her easing her hands under the smaller, fine-boned ones feeling the bare skin of her stomach and the jolt of scorching desire touching Maggie always seemed to create in her. Wow. I want her so much…even right now. She turned and grazed her nose along the shorter woman’s neck and inhaled the unique scent that was Maggie after a run. She felt the younger woman shudder and that desire coiled tightly inside her. We are so good together

“No, Mags. I would never go back to Pine Valley without you or leave you to spend a holiday alone. Especially not now when this is all so…new.” She said, placing a lingering kiss on Maggie’s shoulder. “So the decision is yours. What do you say?”

The decision is mine, what a nice thing to hear. Turning in the circle of Greenlee’s arms she looked into her eyes, immediately seeing the profound truth of her words, the desire that always seemed to be there and was deeply warmed by both. Maggie leaned forward placing a lingering and heartfelt kiss on her new lover’s lips, leaving them both breathless. How could she be anything but safe with this woman?

“I say,” she smirked, licking her lips and putting their foreheads together, “that we should start packing for Pine Valley.”


*Mogador - A classic French chocolate genoise brushed with rum syrup and covered with a thick layer of raspberry mousse. Topped with fresh raspberries and shredded chocolate.
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