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I just want to say how sad and moved I am today as I ponder the world's great loss and heaven's wonderful gain. The angels surely sing with an even more glorious sound now. A New York Times critic once wrote that Mr. Pavarotti's vocal cords were "kissed by God." Today he joins God's chorus.

I was overcome last night when I heard my favorite tenor had died. I was never lucky enough to see him live but my partner was able to on several occasions. He had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and I will remember him fondly every time I put on one of his recordings.

In addition to his glorious instrument he was also well known for his humanitarian efforts to raise money to help those less fortunate than himself with his Pavorrati and Friends charity concerts. He will be remebered as much for this as for anything else. It is all part of his legacy.

My tears are but a few that will be shed for him this day. I pray for his family and friends and that they have the strength to get through. I also hope that memories of his long battle fade and only The Voice remains.

Good-bye, Maestro, God be with you.
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