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Movies...Globes and Oscars....

Well, tonight are the Golden Globes. I have taken it upon myself this year to make sure that my gf and I see every movie that has Oscar buzz before the Oscars air. So far we have seen Pride & Prejudice (really good, I love Donald Sutherland), Walk the Line (Reese really surprised a lot of people but I always knew she could act), King Kong (Naomi Watts is great AND smoking hott), Narnia (made me feel like a kid again plus amazing cgi), Memoirs of a Geisha (beautiful to look at, too bad it was based on a crap book written by a man), Transamerica (WOW) and Brokeback Mountain (a movie destined to change the world). I have Capote, History of Violence, Matador, Good Night & Good Luck and North Country but have not had time to watch them yet. They mock me from my movie shelf in our bedroom. I still have to procur The Producers, Match Point, The Constant Gardner and Syrianna.

So far my picks for the best are probably the same as most of you but some I am sure won't agree. I think that Best Actress will go to Felicity Huffman for Transamerica and rightfully so. It was a beautiful and amazing movie and her performance was subtle and astounding. She made me forget for more than half the movie that she really is a woman. The Golden Globes, which are on tonight will give out 2 Best actress awards as they separate categories for Drama and Comedy/Musical. I think Reese Witherspoon will win for Best Actress in the Musical/Comedy catagory. She was amazing in Walk the Line and in my opinion stole that move with her portrayal of June Carter Cash. I am just not so sure she did better than Felicity Huffman, although if either of them win the Oscar I will be happy as I think they will both win Golden Globes.

For Best Actor I don't think there is even a question this year who it should go to and I am talking about the Oscar, Golden Globes and any other acting awards they can come up with. I know many of my good friends don't think I can make this decision until I have seen both Good Night & Good Luck and Capote but as good as I am sure those performances are (Phillip Hoffman especially) I think they should stop giving out Oscars forever if Heath Ledger doesn't win Best Actor for Brokeback Mountain.

As far as Brokeback Mountain is concerned I am sure you can deduce what I think is the Best Picture!! I cried and felt so emotionally raw when I left that movie that I am still filled with Ennis's profound sadness today after having seen the movie yesterday. Michelle Williams was amazing as his wife and Jake
deserves a nomination as Best Supporting actor. I have also read the short story that Brokeback is made from and it is amazing as well.

I am not going to say much more about the movies until after the Golden Globes and after I have seen the rest of them. I am planning watching North Country (god I love me some Charleze) tonight and Capote tomorrow. It is going to be hectic over the next week too with getting ready to fly down to Florida to visit my parents next week.

Funny that I am leaving for a week just as I am finally motivated to start updating my journal...weird. I have one more thing to say about the movies this year. THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE QUEER!!!! I say that because of Capote...Brokeback Mountain...Transamerica...not to mention the director of Memiors of a all the very queer people involved in the television catagories tonight at the Golden Globes...

Go Queers!!! My people rock!! Please share your picks for movies this year!
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Holiday rush! has been a few weeks but I have been really busy. After we did the movie thing...SAW II was amazing partner's leg got worse. I finally got her to go to the doctor and she has torn cartilage in her knee and a spur. He doesn't want to do the shot thing and would rather time be the healer. I am not sure I agree but she is totally ok with it since she hates needles. It just means a month or more still of the cane and crutches while the fluid goes away and the swelling goes down. Oh, and lots of

I am getting very sad knowing that some of my favorite shows are about to go away for the holidays. Lost only has one more new episode and then I will have to use my imagination and fanfic to get through Christmas. Thank god it is a Katecentric ep!! We will finally know what her original crime was and I can see if I have been right about THAT all along. Alias only has 2 more new eps before it goes on hiatus while Jen has her baby. I am not sure what the hell I am going to do without Syd and Rachael for 3 months much less when Alias is not coming back after this season. **SOB** I guess I am going to have to start finishing these fan fics I have lying around.

I have started watching a couple of new to me of them is South of Nowhere. It is pretty good and I am glad to see a show for tweens that explores a lesbian relationship in a thoughtful way. Plus, Spencer is so cute!

On the bright side we have almost finished our Christmas shopping with the exception of me finding a gift for Sally. I love my wife but she is hard to buy for. I know that she is getting me the new Buffy boxed dvd set so I happy about that!

So, off to finish my Spencer/Ashley drabble....
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Not the night I usually have but because of the way I have been feeling lately I don't really feel like going out drinking tonight. So...even though my vampire clothes mock me I am not getting dressed up this year. We are going to dinner with some friends and then all going to see Saw II tonight.

I am a little disappointed I can't get dressed up and go out and bite people and be myself...I mean this is like Christmas for me sometimes....I guess I should just have fun tonight. I can get in my vamp gear and go out to Evo anytime and I might just do that soon. Plus, we are gearing up for another vampire show/club night soon anyway.

Kind of weird that this is the first entry in my journal. I have been wanting to work on it but have had not time and still don't.

I am currently working on several pieces of fan fiction that I hope to have done this week...Syd/Rachael, Maggie/Kendall and Kate/Claire...we'll see if I actually get them done. to dinner soon....I am really excited about seeing this movie even if it is not what I wanted to do on Halloween and I hope the movie kick ass!!
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